Enjoy the best combinations of wines and tapas

Santa Tapa is located in the center of Barcelona, just behind the cathedral of the city, restaurant located in the Gothic neighborhood with all the advantages that this entails. In our restaurant you will find a wide variety of tapas prepared with fresh ingredients and the best quality. However the accompaniment of a good tapa is always a good wine, in this post we will review some of the best pairings of wines with tapas.

Pairing of tapas and wines

The wine par excellence is undoubtedly the red wine, although for many people it is too aggressive, especially in those older varieties. Within the world of red wine we can distinguish between young wines, crianza wines and reserve wines. Each of these wines will be more appropriate for a specific type of mouthful. In the case of white wines, the younger varieties are usually taken as an aperitif and rarely accompany food or pair with fish and seafood. If it is a question of plates of fish and seafood enough elaborated it is recommended to choose white wines concierta crianza, that will have a little more body and flavor. Let’s see which combinations are most suitable for both red and white wines.

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What wines do we recommend for each tapa?

We tell you from our menu which are the most recommended wines according to the type of tapa.

Tapas with young red wines

Young red wines tend to be much lighter, fruity and a little more acidic in the mouth. Young pines tend to be softer and more aromatic. If you are going to taste tapas or you are going to try different dishes, you should choose a young red wine to accompany grilled meats, stews and in general long cooking dishes.

Tapas with red Crianza wines

Red Crianza wines have spent between 1 and 3 years fermented in oak barrels. Depending on the type of barrel the wine will have taken on characteristic flavours and aromas, as well as influencing the type of grape and the conditions of storage and fermentation. Crianza red wines are perfect to accompany grilled red meats, game and poultry dishes. If you are going to choose tapas that are made with any of these ingredients (all of them with a very powerful and characteristic flavour), a crianza wine (or even a good quality reserve) will be the best accompaniment.

Tapas with young white wines

Young white wines are perfect for pairing with cold tapas, preserves and pickles, such as olives, fresh cheeses, pâtés, or lightly salted tapas such as nuts.

Tapas with crianza white wines

White wines with a little more body are perfect for pairing tapas with fish and seafood, as they normally provide a dry and slightly fruity taste that combines very well in the mouth with this type of aperitif. If you do not want to make a mistake when choosing a white wine to accompany your tapas, there are varieties that are absolutely all terrain such as Sauvignon Blanc or Verdejo.

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